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Knock - Knock Who's There Avery Avery who. Avery Merry- Christmas to you. Knock - Knock Knock - Knock Who's There Donut Donut who? Donut open until Christmas

Knock Knock jokes for kids from kids . Knock Knock Who's there? Alec Alec who ? Alec Christmas ! KirstyAyaKoua (9). Knock Knock Who's there?

What king is the children's favourite at christmas time? Sent in by. Daniella Bailey Knock knock Christmas jokes . General Christmas jokes

Kids Jokes > Kids Knock Knock Jokes . We are always in the process of updating Centipede. Centipede who? Centipede on the Christmas tree. Knock , knock ,

Christmas Jokes and Riddles for kids sent in by kids . Here are the latest jokes , riddles and knock - knock jokes sent to Squigly from his friends around

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