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Camco RV Water Heater Drain Valve Wrench helps to open or close stubborn water heater drain valves without scraping the knuckles. It features a heavy duty,

Removing water heater elements can be a very difficult task. In most cases you will need to use a Water Heater Element Removal Wrench . Hide these ads

Water heater wrench - 207 results from 63 stores, including Heavy-Duty Element Removal Wrench , * Clear housing construction * Extends life of washing

Ratchet Wrench and Sockets. This is all about removing hex-head anodes. Most water heaters come with those. What is required is a ratchet and a 1 1/16-inch

Heavy Duty Water Heater Element Removal Wrench - Removes those stubborn water heater elements - Heavy duty construction - For 1 1/2" elements

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